Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthday Fairy

For the past couple years, Big T and I have "decorated" the rooms of the T's the night before their birthday. It's just a few simple balloons and streamers and oh...the most important part...a breakfast treat! I explained this to a friend the other night and she said they do the same thing at their house, only they say the "Birthday Fairy" is coming!

August is a big birthday month with Baby Boss turning 4 on the 2nd, Baby T turning 1 on the 17th, and Lil T turning 8 on the 26th. I'm taking a picture of each one after the monumental task of eating their doughnut/cake. I'm going to make poster prints and hang them in our dining room. We'll see how it turns out!

It's now the 3rd week of school and things are off to a great start. I'm sad that summer has come to an end, but excited about the fun activities fall brings. In addition to flag football and Husker football, the 5T's and I are looking forward to a family camping event over Labor Day weekend.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby T and Me

I've wanted to start blogging for some time now. What better time than when four of the T's are visiting g-ma and g-pa back in Imperial for the week and it's just me and baby T. I can't help but think to myself, "What did I ever do with one kid?" I must have always had the house clean, clothes put away, dinner ready on time, and time to work out. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I had it all put together when I had just one T ;)
This I do know...whether I'm with one T or all five, I say a prayer every morning asking God to help me enjoy and embrace the daily craziness! This is my life...5T's and Me!